In 1950 Carlos Vila Monllor began with the affordable paintings business as one of the pioneers of this branch in Spain. Working with a high number of painters, many of them are still having today a great pictorial recognition. The boom of this business created an industry for all products related to painting, canvases, paintings, moldings … that was developed in small city Alcoy, at the northof Alicante province.

Today, Cuadros Vila Co. continues to work, adapting to the new circumstances demanded by the market, always trying to do the best possible work and maintaining the essence with which it started.

We currently work for art galleries in Europe and the United States through distributors and visiting ourselves to the galleries. The works we sell are very varied and of different styles, tastes and prices. Our mission is to sell art. Our vision is to satisfy the customer

We collaborate with more than 150 galleries

68 years as art dealers

More than 100 artists exhibit in international galleries thanks to us